Governance Committee

Prof Wolfgang Thomas

Prof. Wolfgang H. Thomas, an economics graduate of Stellenbosch University, has been lecturing development economics and economic policy since the 1960s, having been attached to all four Cape Town/Stellenbosch-based universities as well as the University of Transkei. He has also been regional general manager of the Small Business Development Corporation (1986 to 1993) and was chief economist at Wesgro for ten years. He is currently lecturing at the economics department of the University of the Western Cape as well as Stellenbosch University Business School, where he also co-ordinates the Western Cape chapter of the "Base of the Pyramid Learning Lab" which monitors corporate involvement in South(ern) Africa's developing communities. His publications and consultancy reports cover applied local, regional and African development issues as well as tourism-development challenges and small-business-support issues in both the Western and Eastern Cape regions.